• Period: 2010-2011
  • Funded by: French minister of overseas.
  • Partners: IRD (coordinator), University of New Caledonia, DASSNC, IPNC, Meteo France.
Prevention and prediction of dengue epidemics in New Caledonia

These last years an increasing amount of data has been collected to study spread of infectious diseases. Extracting knowledge to better understand the dynamic of these phenomena is a challenging task. For example, dengue epidemics are characterized by a set of interacting factors, causing the spread of the disease in space and time. It is important to know, how and which factors have an effect on disease spread. Even if the global influence of environmental factors (water points, nearby mangrove, rainfall, humidity etc.) is known, the impact of all the factors together with their interactions stills an open problem. In this context, the project aims at discovering and modeling the dynamic of dengue epidemics. This study focuses on New Caledonia and its capital city Noumea.