Teaching Responsabilites

I was the head of the bachelor in computer science during 5 years at the University of New Caledonia. Here are some of the tasks I had to perform: program coordination, recruitment and management of teachers, planning of courses, management of internships and money management. As such, I was also a member of the Science Departement council.

Pedagogical Projects and Events Organization

  • Co-coordinator of the pedagogical project "Development of the FabLab spirit in the bachelor of computer science" in 2018.
  • Organizer of seminars with professionals on technologies, seminars on recruitments and graduate students meetup.
  • Somes courses done at the University of New Caledonia

    All my courses are available in the UNC Course Mangement System.

    Student Supervision

    Bachelor and Master internships: Dominique Kitchiguin (Bachelor, University of New Caledonia), Guillaume Couarc’h (Bachelor, University of New Caledonia), Richard Faucheron (Master MSIAM, University of Grenoble), Thomy Martin (Master AI, University of Paris), Fabrice Simon (Bachelor, University of New Caledonia), Jannai Tokotoko (Master SIAM, University of Brest), Warren Jouanneau (Bachelor, University of New Caledonia), Maxime Collin (Master SIAM, University of Brest), Chengcheng Mu (ENSIMAG), Guillaume Lebastard (Master SIAM, University of Brest), Jean-François N’Guyen Van Soc (geomatics engineer), Catherine Paul-Hus (Master environment, University of Sherbrooke), David Luo (Bachelor, University of New Caledonia), Loïc Mabit (Master ECD, University of Lyon), Elise Desmier (INSA Toulouse), Chloé Grison (Master ECD, University of Lyon), Cindy Tuafatai (Bachelor, University of Nantes),

    Mentored projects (Univeristy of New Caledonia): Anthony Gnavit, Emerick Jamisel, Jason Mahoux, Arthur Boyer, Guillaume Bertherat, Thibaut Depond, Paul Monimeau, Yoann Guivarch, Pierre Marion, Yacine Lotfi, Aurélien Groizard, Dorian Moulinié, Laurent Schaeffer, Maxime Lenoury, Pierre Thupako, Paco Royeres, Tehina Tetuanui, Jérôme Saliga, Victor Tirebaque, Jeremy Humunie, Eugène Nallamotou, Suzy Batisse, Anne-Sophie Ponsard, Marie Brout, Jérémy Berry,