I am Associate Professor (tenured) at the Aix-Marseille Institute of Technology and Researcher at the Computer Science and Systems Laboratory (LIS – Laboratoire d’Informatique et Systèmes – UMR 7020).

My research is mainly focused on data mining (a subfield of data science), and especially pattern mining. The main objective of pattern mining is to extract hidden patterns in complex data (heterogeneous, volumous, noisy, etc.). I have studied various types of patterns (sets, sequences and graphs), most of them being related to spatio-temporal data (e.g. time series of satellite images). Lately, I also work on representation learning (program embeddings) and agent learning in Agent Based Models.

interdisciplinary research

I am a member of the Data Science department and more particularly of the "Data Mining at scale (DANA)" team. I have participated to several interdisciplinary research projects dealing with various questions s.t. soil erosion, dengue fever spread, informal settlements or education.